Work in progress


Our lab’s research interests include brain cellular electrophysiology, exploring microcircuit and network-level phenomena in the neocortex. We aim at elucidating the mechanisms behind the emergence of the coordinated electrical activity and of non-trivial collective properties, when assemblies and neuronal microcircuits are interacting. Bridging the many missing links between synaptic and single-cell properties and the (electrical) phenomena emerging at higher levels of organization, such as neuronal microcircuits and large populations, is my most ambitious goal. These experimental activities are supported and inspired by biophysical mathematical modelling studies and computer-simulations, involving quantitative description of single-cells and networks of interacting spiking neurons. I also explore the combination of non-conventional stimulating/recording tools and nanomaterials (e.g. multi-electrode substrate arrays - MEAs) with traditional patch-clamp recording techniques. I am also exploring optogenetics tools and exploit them for network mapping and neuronal microcircuit reprogramming.