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Press and Dissemination

Our 2014 PLoS Biology paper has been featured on Nature Podcast!

For more information on my research interests, activities, teaching, funding, publications, and dissemination efforts, click on “More Information”.

NEWS: Our new Nature Nanotechnology paper is out!

Congrats to Daniele Linaro and Istvan Biro, for their paper freshly accepted in European Journal of Neuroscience !!!

Congratulations to Rocco Pulizzi and Anastasiya Moskalyuk for their coauthorship of a paper published in Nature and of a paper published in Cell Reports!!

Congratulations to Rocco Pulizzi and Sebastiaan Van de Vijver for their coautorship of a paper published in Nature's Scientific Reports! I had the chance to present the Scientific Reports' paper in several invited talks (e.g. here).

Public Outreach and Science Communication

Michele Giugliano has a keen interest for public outreach and science communications. Below are some general audience seminars, videos, and interviews.

Dissemination videos

Over the years, Michele Giugliano has contributed to Neuroscience excellence activities at several institutions. Here are a few videos with interviews.


While in Belgium, Michele Giugliano offered for many years an undergraduate course on Computational Neuroscience to students of Biomedical Sciences, Computer Sciences and Physics curricula. I currently teach an advanced (graduate) version of that course to the first year PhD students at SISSA. Below there is an old teaser video from few years ago.