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Internship, Theses, Monographic & PhD Projects

A number of monographic projects and theses are available in the laboratory, throughout each academic year. These are aimed at students of Life Sciences, Physics, and Computer Sciences curricula, and cover topics of cellular electrophysiology, neurobiology, biophysics, theoretical and computational modelling and simulation, image processing, neuroinformatics, data-bases, robotics, analog-digital acquisition and real-time operating systems.

Interested students are welcomed to get in touch for an appointment, to know more about our activities and to discuss how they could contribute to it before, within, or beyond a master thesis project.

We are always searching for talented, curios, and passionate PhD students to train, as well as for creative thinkers and independent-minded postdoctoral researchers to collaborate with. The Neurobiology PhD funding programme of SISSA has a yearly call for applicants, leading to a high-quality selection procedure. For postdoctoral researchers, we are happy to help in preparing grant applications to international funding agencies such as JSPS, HFSPO, Boehringer Ingelheim, EC, and other sources. Students from Brazil may benefit from the Science Without Borders program, with application deadlines at the end of January, May and September. Students from China might monitor the calls from the China Scholarship Council.

In particular, potential postdoctoral scientists may wish to consider applying for support from Marie Curie Actions (deadline in August), HFSP (deadline in August), EMBO (deadlines in mid-February and mid-August).