Press and Dissemination

Our 2014 PLoS Biology paper has been featured on Nature Podcast!

NEWS: Our new Nature Nanotechnology paper is out!

Congrats to Daniele Linaro and Istvan Biro, for their paper freshly accepted in European Journal of Neuroscience !!!

Congratulations to Rocco Pulizzi and Anastasiya Moskalyuk for their coauthorship of a paper published in Nature and of a paper published in Cell Reports!!

Congratulations to Rocco Pulizzi and Sebastiaan Van de Vijver for their coautorship of a paper published in Scientific Reports! I had the chance to present the Scientific Reports’ paper in several invited talks (e.g. here).

Public Outreach and Science Communication

We have a keen interest for public outreach and science communications. The research activities of the lab has been funded over the years by tax payers money. It is thus imperative for us to explain and disseminate to the citizens how the money has been valorised for advancing our knowledge. Below are some general audience seminars, videos, and interviews.

The research interests of the lab are also related to the field of Neuroengineering, where understanding, repairing, replacing, enhancing, or exploiting the electrical properties of mammalian neural systems are central ultimate goals. The lab has recently contributed to combining carbon nanotubes and carbon-based materials to neuronal networks, as a first step towards future generation neuroprosthetics. These activities were covered by Nature News as well as by their english podcasts that feature an interview (1, 2).

The Italian national broadcasting RAI Radio 3 covered some of our research in the past on radio programs or with a featured article on me. More recently, I have been also interviewed on another divulgative scientific broadcasting program “Caccia al Fotone” (in italian). Click here to download and listen to an excerpt of such a broadcasting (be patient while it loads).

Finally, in the context of the BRAINLEAP project coordination, I have been also interviewed by Radio 24 - Il Sole 24 Ore as a guest of a divulgative scientific broadcasting program “Moebius” (in italian). Click here to listen to an excerpt of such a broadcasting (be patient while it loads).

Over the years, Michele Giugliano has contributed to Neuroscience excellence activities at several institutions. Here are a few videos with interviews.

Ai sensi del decreto legislativo 196/2003 e con il Regolamento Europeo 679/2016 (GDPR), viene NEGATO il consenso al trattamento dati per finalità di marketing e profilazione.

Pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003 and the European Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR), we DO NOT consent to data processing for marketing and profiling purposes.