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Neuronal Dynamics Group!

We are part of the larger Neuromorphic Intelligence LABoratory, at the DBMN, also part of the Center for Neuroscience and Neurotechnologies of the Univ. Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Probing excitability's time scales, in human cortical neurons.

About us

We are interested in the electrophysiology of nerve cells, microcircuits and networks, which compose the mammalian cortex. Our research focuses also on information representation and processing in nerve cells, and we work towards dissecting the biophysical primitives underlying computation. Ultimately, we aim at understanding, repairing, replacing, and enhancing of the electrical properties of neural systems.

Our interests are at the overlap among 1) Cell Electrophysiology, 2) Computational Neuroscience and 3) Neurotechnology.

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Pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003 and the European Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR), we DO NOT consent to data processing for marketing and profiling purposes.

Michele Giugliano, PhD

  • (1997) MEng, UniGe
  • (2001) PhD, PoliMi
  • (2001) HFSPO Fellow, UniBern
  • (2005) Group Leader, EPFL
  • (2008) Tenured, UAntwerpen
  • (2019) Faculty, SISSA


22 February, 2024

Invited talk at Neuronics conference, Valencia

31 January, 2024

EIC CROSSBRAIN project review meeting, Rome

1 January, 2024

A new adventure begins, in Modena!

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