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Teaching at UNIMORE

I am actively working towards the excellence of the newly born Master in Biomedical Engineering (LM21), and contribute to its Neurotechnologies curriculum:

  • Physiology of Biomedical Signals (first semester)
    (5 CFU) module on Origin and mechansisms of electrophysiological signals

  • Computational Methods for Neurosciences (second semester)
    (6 CFU) module on Analysis and Modelling of Neural Circuits

  • Colloquia with Bioengineers (third semester) (6 CFU)

Past Teaching in Trieste

In Trieste (2019-2023), I taught an advanced (graduate) course on “Theoretical Neurobiology”, aimed at the first year PhD students of SISSA doctoral school.

During two academic years (2022/23 and 2023/24), I had also an external appointment at the Univ. of Trieste, where I taught a course on “Principles of Computational Neurosciences” at the International Master in Neuroscience.

The same course was optionally offered (online) to the students of the National PhD in Neuroscience.

Past Teaching in Antwerpen

In Belgium (2008-2019), I taught for 12 years a (compulsory) Master course on “Computational Neuroscience”. The course was given at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences, and tailored to undergrad students with little or no background in math, physics and computer science.

During the same years, MG was contributor lecturer of the (compulsory) courses on “System Neuroscience” and on “State-of-The-Art Lectures in Biomedicine”.

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